We’ll Get There Faster, Together

The transition to a cleaner, healthier future is going to be faster and more effective if we work together. Partnership is central to everything we do at Haush. We believe that it’s only by working with experts in each field that we can develop renewable energy solutions at scale.

Green Hydrogen Partnerships


Green hydrogen is the only type of hydrogen produced in a climate-neutral manner

For Haush and its partners, the only way we are going to build a cleaner and healthier world is if the raw materials, as well as the final product is carbon neutral.

We hand-pick partners who share our ambitions to deliver genuinely clean energy, and not continue using fossil fuels to create blue, grey or any other colour hydrogen.

The Power of Partnership


Investors & Asset Managers


Renewable Technology Specialists


Wind & Solar Farm Owners


Energy Companies

Planning Specialists


Energy Storage & Transportation Firms

Investment Partners

Haush has partnered with JPFS in Switzerland to create fractionalised investments in our renewable energy projects.


JP Fund Services

JP Fund Services S.A has been authorised and regulated under SRO since 2007, and authorised and regulated by Poly Reg, under FINMA since 2010.



trademakers is SGT's investment brand, offering fractionalised investments to large and small investors in renewable energy projects.


SGT Markets

FSC-regulated broker, SGT Markets, provides secure custody services for all client assets held in all investment programs for Haush and its partners.


The Advisory Board

Some of our partners also sit on the Haush Advisory Board, to identify and explore new opportunities develop investment-ready renewable energy projects.


Become a Haush Partner

If you are interested in partnering with Haush, or learning more about us, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line today!

The Haush Team

The executive management at Haush has more than 100 years' commercial experience ranging from our work with renewable energy specialists, large commercial banks, hotel groups, technology companies, and the insurance sector. The team has a proven track record of creating, qualifying, planning, financing, and implementation of renewable energy projects in the UK and internationally.