How We Work

Identifying Opportunities

All projects begin as opportunities to create a sustainable supply of clean energy in a carbon-neutral manner.

Sourcing these projects is a continuous process and Haush relies heavily on our national network of partners and local governments to help identify potential sites and land owners.

Site Selection

Our decision on whether to proceed to the pre-planning phase of each project opportunity, is based on 5 key considerations:

Each site’s location influences the final choice of renewable technologies to use, as well as its suitability for the subsequent production of green hydrogen. Sites with existing energy production, such as wind farms, or sites with the capacity to operate waste-to-resource plants are likewise evaluated on their own merits.

Tech, Design & Assessment


The Right Technology

Projects either already have an original source of renewable energy, such as wind or solar farms, or require one in order to generate energy source stock from which green hydrogen or biomass can then be created.


The final decision regarding which renewable technology to deploy (for projects where this is required) is made in conjunction with our technical and financial partners as well as planning specialists in local or central government.


Investment Ready

The project development team at Haush identifies eventual off-takers of the green hydrogen or biomass, before drafting acceptable heads of terms and outline letters of interest.


The team also prepares draft agreements for the provision of the raw feed stock (solar or wind for example) for those projects which already have a source supply.


Assessments & Reports

The technical plant design is then created and qualified by a one of our highly experienced partners, such as Arup. During this stage, the planning application requirements are mapped out in detail, along with any additional licenses and permits required.


Environmental assessments and social impact reports, along with full due diligence of the impact of the project, are then completed before a full planning application is submitted to the relevant authority(-ies).

Finance & Contracts

Long-term agreements are then signed with the final off-takers of the green hydrogen and, where necessary, feed stock providers, which together provide the financial security the projects and our investors demand.


Agreements are also negotiated and agreed between Haush and all parties to the project, including planning advisors, supply-chain partners and local community consultants.


The final stage is the raising of development capital which happens exclusively through our partners at trademakers and JP Fund Services in Switzerland. Our close working relationship with the investment team at JPFS allows us to take each project from origination to post-planning without external financing.


Once planning permissions (and other permits and licenses) have been granted, the project then moves to the construction phase.


Construction & Project Management


Proven Experience

Our partners bring extensive experience in project management, engineering, construction, commissioning and construction of large-scale projects, such as Arup and Ledwood Engineering. Each partner assembles their own teams of experts to drive the project forward; with the whole process being supported and overseen by Haush.


Safety First

Safety procedures are documented, and an Environmental Impact Management Plan as well as the Strategic Community Impact Plan are conducted. These essential plans help mitigate risk and create performance targets which are then monitored throughout the entire construction and commissioning process.


A Team Effort

The overall operation and management of each renewable energy project is run under the leadership of an internationally recognised team involved in every aspect of the project from planning through construction to commissioning.


The Best Minds

The end game is to produce sustainable supplies of green hydrogen by harnessing the raw energy required from carbon-neutral technologies such as wind or solar farms. By working with universities and research and development specialists, Haush continues to build a network of the best minds to work with us to solve the world's most urgent challenge: a cleaner, healthier planet.