Green Hydrogen

How Green Hydrogen is Produced

The key to generating 100% green hydrogen is the source of the electricity used to generate it. When the electricity comes from wind power or solar power, the hydrogen is deemed 'green'. This is because green hydrogen is the only type of hydrogen produced in a carbon-neutral manner, and therefore, the only truly clean and sustainable form of hydrogen.


1. Clean Energy Generation

Wind or solar energy is used to generate clean renewable energy.


2. Water Electrolysis

Electricity is fed into the electrolyser with water. The electrolyser splits the water molecules to create hydrogen and oxygen.


3. Liquefaction

Hydrogen and oxygen gasses are liquified and compressed.


4. Storage

The liquid hydrogen is then stored and readied for transport to the end user.


5. Off taker

The liquid hydrogen is ready for use by the transportation sector, heavy industry or any other end user.