The Advisory Board

The advisory board seeks to harness our collective expertise, professional networks and experience to create efficient and cost-effective renewable energy solutions.

We can achieve more together, faster

This unique style of cross-company co-operation gives Haush, its board members, as well as our clients and partners access to more experience, knowledge, connections, and commercial opportunities than any one of us could alone.

Regardless of background, each member of the Advisory Board is selected on the basis of 5 key criteria:


Each board member, and the companies they represent, possess deep technical, legal, market or financial expertise which benefits the group and our partners.

Fresh Perspectives

Each member brings unique insights and their own experience to bear on the challenges we all face, by solving problems and building bridges together.


Business is better (and faster) when built on trust, and it is this trust that enables Haush, the Advisory Board, and the companies our members represent, to develop relationships and solutions that accelerate the adoption of renewable energies.


The Board considers how future developments in tech, legislation and investing will impact the industry – helping us, our clients and partners to better prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.


A genuine desire to ‘accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy’ (thanks Elon) that directly benefit the planet as well as the businesses, communities and people involved.

The Advisory Board


Nick Revell

Specialist: Technology, Engineering, Operations & Management

Nick Revell is a highly experienced executive with over 40 years’ expertise in business operations and implementations, international accountability for P&L, strategic planning, staffing and business development. Practitioner for the implementation of modern management practices that focus on providing a competitive advantage through strategy, organisational structures, systems, personnel and client relationships.


Nick has extensive experience within the power sector, from oil and gas to power generation and renewables. His experience ranges from key stakeholder identification and engagement including supply chain, investors, legal entities and financial resource suppliers.


Successfully managed business turnarounds and start-ups, achieving business of the year awards for growth and employment. Since 2010, has been Managing Director at Ledwood Holdings Ltd.


Jan Holm

Specialist: Finance, Risk Management & Shipping

Company: Seatrium

Jan Holm, with over 25 years of global leadership, stands out for his contributions to the cutting-edge energy and maritime sectors. Having worked with and now working as an advisory board member to Seaborg Technologies, he is at the forefront of developing a 4th generation small modular nuclear power plant, exemplifying his dedication to creating secure, safe, and affordable green energy solutions. His maritime experience is extensive, including significant positions at A.P. Moller Maersk group, where he played a key role in expanding the company's fleet and operations, and later leading Maersk Drilling Asia to become a significant drilling contractor in the region.


His expertise encompasses finance, strategy, sustainability, and a deep understanding of maritime operations and technology. Jan holds board positions, including Chairman roles at Risk Intelligence Ltd and the energy transition think and do tank, Centre for Strategic Energy and Resources Ltd, and as an Independent Non-executive Board Member at Seatrium Ltd. He also contributes his expertise to Navozyme, a company innovating in blockchain technology for maritime industry.


Starting in European banking, Jan later held substantial roles within the A.P. Moller Maersk group and a nuclear SMR start up. In board roles, Jan offers strategic oversight, corporate governance, sustainability leadership, financial insights, and deep understanding of nuclear energy transitions, technological innovations, and maritime operations.


Huw Davies

Specialist: Technology & Finance

With over 18 years working in the computer industry (15 of which was establishing and running his own computer business), Huw diversified his activities into the Renewable Energy sector in the late 1990s with the formation of his own company Renewable Developments (Wales) Ltd.


With extensive experience being gained in advanced conversion technologies as well as conventional solar, wind and biomass sectors, Huw’s vision to develop his own projects has proved successful.


Having established a significant network over 20+ years, Huw’s activities have extended to the management and development of a privately owned green energy park in North Pembrokeshire which includes several significant projects involving a range of technologies and partners, the latest of which is the development of a green hydrogen production facility with Statkraft.


With a resurgence of interest within the renewable energy sector, a recent collaboration between Renewable Developments (Wales) Ltd and the RSK Group will provide many future opportunities both within his own company and other projects with which he is associated.


Huw provides consultancy services and advice to several companies and projects that can benefit from the experience he has gained over 20 years in the sector.


Julian Powell

Specialist: Autoclave & CHP technologies

Company: WHTE

Julian is a technology specialist having worked for many years in both sales and delivery.


Julian spent over a decade working for Capita in local and central government, Julian was instrumental in the provision of internet connectivity and was a driving force behind London Grid for Learning which connected more than 3,000 state and private schools in the UK.


As his career progressed, Julian moved to Insight UK where he continued to work within government departments such as DEFRA and the DCA (now the Ministry of Justice) bringing his knowledge and experience to bear on government policies for the energy sector.


Julian is a founding partner of WHTE which was formed in 2019 and brings together a diverse team of specialists with many decades of experience in engineering and IT solutions for the energy sector.


Through combining a number of disparate technologies, WHTE develops cost-effective solutions within waste-to-energy and waste-to-resource. With a variety of outcomes, WHTE produces heat and cooling or electricity for the reduction of greenhouse gases, the reduction of costs and, of course, the production of truly green energy for the creation of hydrogen.


Gary Spicer

Specialist: Solar Financing

Company: Green Energi

Gary has been working within finance and business development for many years and takes great pride in the diverse businesses with which he has been involved and helped to grow.


He is a founding member of one of the largest equine platforms in the world and has worked on management buyouts and the provision of finance for a range of UK-based businesses over the past 20 years.


Since 2020, Gary has specialised in providing the link between finance solutions and EPCs for commercial solar projects. The financing Green Energi provides directly reduces operating costs, helps businesses of all sizes achieve their environmental targets, and reduces the country’s reliance on fossil-fuels.