About Haush

Haush was born from a simple ambition: To harness the potential in new and established green technologies, sector expertise and institutional financing to reduce the impact of climate change and to contribute to a sustainable future.


Haush is built on partnerships

We believe that by working with the best technology companies, seasoned advisors and planners and investor groups dedicated to supporting the adoption of renewable energies, we can bring greater benefit to more people than we could alone.

Bringing together proven technology, and sometimes reinventing its use to create game-changing solutions, can only be achieved with partners who share the same ambition to solve real-world problems ethically and profitably.


Working Better, Together

With the invaluable support of our amazing Advisory Board, Haush brings together the finance, the technology, and the skills to plan, create, organise, construct, and maintain its renewable energy projects.

Only by working together, with partners from both the private and public sectors, can we hope to achieve our goals for the protection and regeneration of the planet.

“The most cost-effective and immediate way to build a cleaner, healthier world fuelled by sustainable energy, is through large-scale deployment of renewable energy solutions.”

Richard Winterbourne, CEO at Haush.